How to Know if a Guy Is Interested in You or Not?

guy is into you

First of all, no guy keeps messaging a lady unless there is something he’s after. The main thing is to understand what it is he is interested in.

A lad will consistently text you about personal affairs, or those dear to your heart, only if he’s interested in you.

Common Signs He’s into You

Take time to read a guy and understand what makes him want to be around you. These signs usually revolve around the activities he engages in with you.

If he wants to be around you all the time (not just to quench a physical quench), he probably wants your heart, not your body

1. Reliable and Consistent Pattern of Attention from Him

A man who is into you (ladies), will find more than enough time to text you. It may turn out that he has a schedule for when and how to communicate. These all signify interest and, possibly, interest in more than just the physical.

2. He Initiates Contact 7 out of 10 Times Always

Traditionally, men have always taken the first step to communicate. During relationships, if they slack off with the texting, they may be losing interest.

A dude who likes a gal will always be the first to say good morning, good evening, good night, and everything in between.

3. It’s a Huge Plus if He Invests More Effort Than You

his effortSigns that a man likes you will almost always revolve around how much work he puts into planning. This may include evening walks, movies, and even helping out with chores.

If he makes more effort to ensure that you stay in communication or even takes time off for your tasks, he is a keeper.

4. He Compliments You on a Personality Trait Than Your Body

Men who are interested not only in beauty, but also in your intelligence, always notice your personality. What he notices, he will certainly tell you. If he compliments how humble, kindhearted, or even strong you are, you can bet he doesn’t just look at you as prey.

5. He Thinks Through His Answers before Replying

It may seem like your boyfriend has a secret he is not willing to divulge. Or, it may seem he is never paying attention to you. You will be happy to know that it is far from the truth.

When he takes the time to craft an apt answer, one that possibly hints on his witty persona, it exudes some love and appreciation for you.

6. His Place and His Toilet Are Clean – He’s a Keeper!

Very few men are known to be clean – specifically, bachelors. That cleanliness is a direct translation of what kind of person he is. Any lad who takes care of his pad will most likely be exemplary at other things relationship-oriented as well.

7. He Sells Himself on What a “Great” Boyfriend He’d Make for You

great BoyfriendThis is very sweet, but you (lady), have to read between the lines, and there may be many. We are all human, and the glamour associated with new relationships may lead us to believe blindly what our partners say to us. However, when a lad talks about how good a boyfriend he would make, or how he’s done with his philandering ways, it is a good sign.

8. Why It’s a Good Thing, He’s into You for the Wrong Reasons

  • If he likes you for your booty – and only that, you will know in good time.
  • When you decide to change one bit about yourself, be it physical or lifestyle choices, and he flips out. These are clear indications he has a lot to learn about you, and may not be up for it.
  • Guys don’t take too long to run away if they can’t handle the heat. Having kids, or a dysfunctional family scares them off easier than you think. This is good because it relieves the burden of finding out later that he is useless.

Noticeable Signs He’s not into You, after All

There are clues that a guy may not really be interested in you after all. If he only gets in touch with you when he needs something (physical or even emotional), he’s really not that into you.

In the end, gut feelings may sum a lot of what ladies need to know about whether or not a guy is or is not into them. Need to know the signs he likes you? Join our site today!!


How to Know if a Guy Is Interested in You or Not?
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How to Know if a Guy Is Interested in You or Not?
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