The Best Gay Hookup Sites

Gaystryst is a great website that men can utilize to meet singles. Unlike the previous site, this one is mostly developed to help people find a partner for a one-night stand. It has tons of members all over the place, so you’ll find people that are local and far away.

The benefit of using this service is that it has a trial period of three days that is really inexpensive, so any man can use it. The website is highly diverse, too, so you’ll have the chance to meet all sorts of guys. The signup process only takes a few minutes to complete, and then it’s time to start having fun with the guys.

There are various communication methods online, and the site is modernized for use on a mobile device. It’s hard to beat all these options.



Buddygays is more of a laid-back option for online gay dating than some of the others. You’ll notice that the site does have the option for men to get together and hook up. However, the site doesn’t force that on you as the only method of dating on the site.

Instead, you’ll have various options for romance, as well as a lot of age-specific kinds of dating waiting for you. The site is interesting because it has some dating games available like “Cute or Not” and has a “Tribe” option where you can find people that are a lot like you.

The site spends a lot of effort on keeping the security as tight as possible, too, ensuring that everyone is safe from the moment they sign up for the service.


Gaysgodating.comgaysgodating sign up

The website Gaysgodating is pretty similar to many of the other choices that are available on this list. There is an emphasis on the safety and anonymity of the people on the website, there are plenty of potential matches, and you are not relegated to only hookups. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to date many different people.

The site allows you to choose the “type” of gay man you want to meet from among many presets like twink, bear, jock, BDSM enthusiast, and more. The site has a photo requirement and email verification to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of getting a date and is on the site with the best intentions.


Grindr.comgrindr sign up

Grindr is one of the most famous gay hookup apps in existence today. The app is incredibly popular because it was one of the original apps for men seeking men.

Moreover, it comes with the benefit of numerous features like group chats, location-based dating, the ability to favourite and block people, and the chance to send your exact locations to a guy so that you can meet up with ease. The site has an upgradable feature that will give you access to more content and fewer ads!


Gayfriendfinder.comgayfriendfinder sign up

Gayfriendfinder is one of the various gay hookup sites that seeks to live up to its name. You don’t have to join this site in hopes of meeting “the one”; there is a lot less pressure on this service. With this site, you have the opportunity to date one on one, as partners, or with a larger group.

Any option is within your grasp. Another interesting facet of this site is safety. They take this seriously and ensure that you have a verified email address before you start using the website. This website is very community-oriented, and it has been around for over two decades. That’s a lot of experience in the gay date market!


Scruff.comscruff sign up is another very interesting service on which you can find gay men. Aside from the rampant hookups that you can find on this dating service, you’ll be most thrilled to find that the service places a huge emphasis on privacy.

Men from all over the world use this service because they never have to worry about their data being misused. Some high points of the site include their potent search filters, the location-based dating outcomes of the app, the easy swiping motion to determine if you like a guy, and more. This is a great, safe option for online hookups with interesting men.


Planetromeo.complanetromeo sign up

This dating service is a bit of a dark horse, but it has a lot of quality. The site was recently updated to include new features and capabilities. The site’s radar allows you to look for people that are interested in dating in three different ways.

You can search by distance, recent activity on the site, or more of a free-wheeling search capability. You can set up meetings with men as they travel, have any kind of dating outcomes imaginable, and get a great picture swap going with sweet and sultry men.


Tinder.comtinder sign up

Tinder is now recognized as one of the pinnacles of online dating and hookups, but it no longer has a corner on the market for location-based dating. Many of the features on the hookup site are beneficial, though. For one thing, this site doesn’t require a subscription, it has a bare-bones interface, and your primary objective is swiping on people that are in your area.

The site is renowned for hookups, and it comes with all the added benefits of having people from your local area online and ready for hookups. It’s not the most original site, but it’s one of the most well-known, and that is perfect for meeting men.


There are numerous ways that you can benefit from using an online dating service or any dating apps for sex to find gay men. Any of the sites that we have mentioned here would be a fantastic option for any person that is looking to have interesting dates and hookups on demand.

Sign up for any of these sites, and you’re bound to have a good, safe time. Of course, each of the sites come with special benefits, so you should do research before joining!