How to Go about Capturing a Girl’s Attention on Chat

capture attention of a girl

To capture a lady’s attention and hold on to it is a fete for many. Do not fret, though, get to know her likes and dislikes. In a nutshell, find out what makes her tick.
Keeping and holding on to that attention will require some chivalry and patience.

Some Advice on How to Grab a Lady’s Attention

Grabbing that attention requires some expertise, but not too much. We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks on how to entice her and maintain that vibe.

The advice listed is just a guide to where you need to go. Your personality and wittiness will help you get there.

1. You May Want to Test the Waters with a Pet Name 

Pet Name This is one of those approaches that needs you to tread carefully. Most women may find this cute, even adorable or sexy, but others will find it downright offensive. If you have been chatting for a while, inquire if she’s okay with a pet name.

Some of these names may be a simple flip of her real name, using the letters in a way that shows creativity.

2. Whoa Boy – Go easy on the Flirting Please 

Flirting can be very quickly, and sadly, takes away from all the progress you’ve made. Being confident as a guy is great for girls. However, being too strong in that regard and sending innuendos day and night is not cool.

Most ladies will definitely enjoy flirting occasionally. If you both have been chatting for a while, you will know what makes her tick and how much flirting is enough. Taking it to the max is counterproductive.

3. Still… Don’t Be Afraid To Flirt When Given the Clear-Cut Opportunity

Opportunities will present themselves. Those chances that you cannot miss out on. When the window is open, take to flirting and enjoy it for what it is – simple and clean fun.

The key here is not to make it a habit to flirt, as opposed to getting to know the lady for who she is. Flirting almost always insinuates something sexual, so focus more on her personality as opposed to her body.

4. Playing the Naughty Card on Occasion Is Okay – Play It by Ear 

Most girls are confident enough to encourage some naughtiness now and then, perhaps even in public. However, this may not be a good first text to a girl. If you occasionally flirt with her and try the naughty card, yet she seems aloof, let it go.

If she seems put off, avoid it entirely. Pushing for her to accommodate the same will only draw her away from you.

5. Being Subtle and Dirty Is Okay Too 

This is where it can go either way, fast! If you slide your way into her inbox with a dirty message, and she takes too long to answer, don’t fret. She may be looking for an even dirtier, and shocking way to respond. However, if she responds after another subtle prompt from you, it may not be the time to bring out the dragon in you.

6. Lest You Forget, Special Memories Are Important 

special memoriesBe it those that involved you and her, or something in your past alone; these will leave a mark where it should be, in her heart. If you love puppies, soul music, Shakespeare, or even food, she will remember you every time these come up.

Such bonds may be made inadvertently. It may not be something you can plan, but it is worth noting when the opportunity arises. Having something deeper than flirtatious messages is one thing all ladies appreciate.

7. Don’t Forget That Your Texting Should Always Be Fun 

Texting a girl for the first time cannot be overemphasized. Unless you are a scientist looking for thesis material, do not engage in discourses. If and when they do come up, you may still want to keep it simple. If your goal is to have a romantic and possibly lasting relationship with this lady, ignore such contexts as much as possible.

Chatting should revolve around smileys, emoticons, and messages that only want her to keep communicating with you. Once she begins to get bored, good luck trying to reignite the chats.

Now that you have her number, and possibly her undivided attention, focus on the right messages, at the right time. Get more advice on how to send the first text to a girl on our site today.

How to Go about Capturing a Girl’s Attention on Chat
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How to Go about Capturing a Girl’s Attention on Chat
Need to make a lasting impression with a lady? The first text to a girl makes or breaks the deal. Peruse some cute ways to attain and maintain her attention.
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