Here are 5 Steps to Turn a Hookup into a Boyfriend

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You just met him? You’re having much fun and feel like turning that hookup into an actual relationship? It’s not weird at all! Many relationships start much more casually than you know.

Here are 5 steps to turn a hookup into a boyfriend

Step 1. Prefigure what you want in a relationship – What is it you’re looking for in the best boyfriend of your dreams? What sort of relationship do you want to have for a happy life? Getting clear answers to these questions would foretell if your hookup is compatible with your relationship needs.

Step 2. Evaluate – Do not get carried away by happy emotions and temporary wild excitements. Relationships are much more than sex or a mind-blowing one-night stand. Do you trust your hookup can treat you right long-term? It’s always wise to step back and ask if your catch is worth investing your time and emotions.

Step 3. Wisely show that you have what it takes – To come out as relationship material, you have to capture his attention with things that he finds important. Share what you’re passionate about and try to let him see how it connects well with his life intentions. He’ll definitely want to become a part of it.

Step 4. Invite him to spend time with you and tell him what you want – There’s no better way to get to know your new connection quickly that sharing some time together. Invite him to join you and your friends for the next big game or a morning jog along an open trail.

Step 5. Don’t be a partner until you’re sure it’s time – Don’t loosen yourself until you are in a relationship. You don’t have to be his emotional support if he’s not willing to commit. Don’t have his time every second he asks. He should not become too important until you see the potential in the relationship.

How to Make Your Hookup Miss You All the Time

Sometimes, a hookup might just leave you wanting more. Make reliable decisions by referring to the top-notch hookup dating sites reviews. Whether this leans much on the emotional, sensual, or lustful aspects, you don’t have to wish for ways to make your hookup miss you. To build a potential love connection or much more thrilling encounters, don’t be afraid to employ the following tactics towards your hookup.

Make Your Hookup Miss1. Learn about what he’s looking for in a woman to understand if you have an actual shot at getting along with him.

2. Give him some space and keep living your life. Smothering someone you’re willing to get closer to only makes them run the other way

3. Show him you’re more than a hot body by cautiously exposing your partner to different aspects of your life.

4. Get out on a real date. Go and sit down with him over coffee, dinner, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. It’s an opportunity to start connecting in an intimate capacity.

5. Try making a real connection and leave on a high note. It’s also important that after rocking his world, you leave on a high note so that he craves for you even more.

What Makes a Man Love You? These Are the Factors to Keep in Mind

from hookup to relationshipsWondering what little tricks can make a man love you more? Here are a few pointers that will make him cherish and worship you or even want to tie knots with you.
– Make your fridge full of the stuff he likes to eat or drink.

– Men love snacks, just like sex! Immediately after sex, dash right into the kitchen and make him his favorite snack.

– The world is currently revolving on digital platforms. Email him links about his special TV show or blog posts that make him glue you to his memory.

– Make his ego swell by bragging about him to your friends, coworkers, family, and anyone else you can think of. Words will reach him, and the results would amaze you.

– Men are visual. If he knocks your door, answer it half-naked or even without skin!

– Open up to what he wants to try in the bedroom.

– It is time for his big-game moments. Just start a specific game that will send him to look at you in amazement.

– Always try to surprise him. Let him lay on your lap as you feed him like a baby. Men don’t say it, but they secretly love it.

– Treat his friends just like you would yours. When they talk well of you, he’ll be much more into you.

– Sometimes, just sit next to him quietly while he’s enjoying his TV shows or games.

– Light a candle and offer him a sensual body massage that ends in a wild excitement he’ll never forget.

Here are 5 Steps to Turn a Hookup into a Boyfriend
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Here are 5 Steps to Turn a Hookup into a Boyfriend
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