5 Gay Women Reveal Their Most Incredible Online Hookup Stories

5 Gay Women stories

It takes time to accept yourself the way you are; it even becomes harder when you admit that you are gay. Coming out to your loved ones is problematic as well. What next after coming out?

Many questions come with it, and the most challenging part would be how to get life partners and how to go about dating or even meeting other gay people. However, these five women have proven that it doesn’t always have to be that bad when it comes to online dating on gay hookup sites. Ready to hear their stories?

A friend in ‘deed’

I moved halfway across the country and started wasting away my life in alcohol, to be away from my homophobic family and friends. But my roommate was always there for me. I finally opened up to her, and she encouraged me to join the dating sites at least to experience what the gay scene was like.

On one occasion, when my date stood me up, my roommate got wine, and I drank my sorrows away as we talked. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were on top of each other. She gave me an amazing introduction to the gay scene. Five years down the lane, we are still hot for each other, and there is no better feeling.

Brie, 23

girls sleepLet me do the yoga

I had just moved to a new city, devastated after walking in on my partner in our home. I decided to cry through the pain. The empty boxes of Oreos lying around my studio apartment were a testimony of how devastated I was. But afterward, I decided to move on because that is what we do.

I signed up on UpForIt.com, one of these popular gay hookup sites, and found a match with a lady who enjoyed yoga just as much as I did. We chatted often but were never in a hurry to meet. The chemistry was electric. It was when I bumped into her in my yoga class that I recognized her.

Let me say, not even yoga was as calming and right as having our bodies intertwined in the changing room. Those were the best 30 minutes of my life.

Sam, 30

Watch your step darling

I had been single for most of my 20s, and my friends felt I was missing out on the fun. I had heard stories of how online hookups had gone wrong for some gay women, so when my friends signed me up for Flirt, I was hesitant, but my match seemed fine and not a serial killer.

We found out that we both loved football and decided to meet at a game. However, on that day, I waited for close to an hour but did not see her. Angry, I stomped out of the stadium but unfortunately tripped on my way out. Luckily, I did not land on the ground; someone held me. My knight in shining armor was my date, she explained why she was late, but my concentration was on her voice.

I had never fallen in love with a voice so quickly, we went on few dates after that, and it’s been four years since; I have never been glad to have tripped like I am when I look at my partner.

Nikita, 36

Turbulence hookup

I was tired of failed dates from these dating sites and was on the verge of quitting when I found a match on Lesly. After a few conversations and small talks, we decided to meet. But the meeting was as a date for a friend’s wedding in another state; I was her plus one.

We had an interesting chat on the plane, and the six-hour flight was just too long to handle the sexual tension. I had mind-blowing sex in the bathroom, and I could swear I felt the plane experience some turbulence.

Milan, 27

woman together

The cream for my coffee

I worked at a studio across a coffee shop down the street from where I stayed, I had not found luck in dating and had opted to stay off for a while, but I was too comfortable with how life was to go back to the sites. But everyone I knew was getting married, and the pressure was getting to me.

I knew that marriage was not in the picture for me, but I decided to cure my loneliness by rejoining these apps. I found a match, and surprisingly she worked at the coffee shop across my studio.

I started getting free coffee often, and one rainy afternoon at the studio, she brought the coffee herself, things got steamy, and we made a canvas of our bodies on the studio floor. We are still dating and creating more canvas if you catch my drift.


Online Dating Experience: What Do Gay Women Say
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Online Dating Experience: What Do Gay Women Say
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