Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Must Know

Relationship Deal Breakers

There are a number of things that can put a serious hold on the development of a relationship. Things such as poor communication skills, physical and emotional abuse, being too argumentative and selfish, all show lack of maturity, and a serious problem.

Below is a list of ten things that are known to put the brakes on any relationship.

How Do Deal-Breakers Affect Our Dating Choices and Needs? 

These breakers are based on personality traits that we deem a tad inappropriate or simply, not to our liking. A study or two have shown that women tend to be more discriminating based on these traits than men. Also, it seems that the negative aspects of someone end up influencing the selection process way more than the positive ones.

Although it stands to reason that we would, in fact, date according to standards we set for ourselves, participants in studies linked to speed-dating exhibit something different. It is shown that most individuals end updating or even sleeping with people who don’t match their preferences at all. What makes or breaks dating choices boils down to what makes people comfortable, and vice versa.

If Your Partner Exhibits Any of These Signs, It’s Time to End Things Now!

Are you wondering if you are with a wrong partner? These are some of the signs you should look out for.

1. Xenophobia – Unjustified hate of others

Usually, this is hate toward people from a different ethnic group or just another country. This is a huge turn off for any couple. It does not take research data to show how many would find this sort of behavior utterly reprehensible, and definitely a character defect to end any union.

2. Cruelty or Ill-Disposed

Sadists are people who get pleasure out of inflicting pain in others. When you hurt those who are weaker than you (bullying), it’s a sign that someone has personal issues to resolve. If you are already dating someone, you should break it off.

3. Mendacity – Persistently dishonest

Pathological liar? Does he/she tell the truth once out of ten times? Do you get to know the truth from others (in gossip groups) or family events? The tendency of one of you lying about money, family and the like, is one of the serious deal breakers in relationships.

4. Disconnect – Communication is wanting

need connectionWhen your friend seems to leave you hanging, or totally confused about what’s going on with them, it’s a bad sign. It can create a lot of problems when your friend insinuates that you are not there for them, e.g. emotionally.

5. Combativeness – Argumentative

Argumentative may be linked to cruelty. It stems from personality traits and possibly unresolved issues. What usually starts off as name-calling may lead to physical altercations, and worse. These signs, if detected early, should lead you out the door immediately!

6. Infidelity – Unfaithful

The most obvious thing to let you know you are in trouble is if they can’t make up their minds regarding starting a relationship with you only. This is a serious deal-breaker, and you should end the relationship because there is no future in it for you.

7. Disinterest – Showing no interest

He/she may say different things for a week, making you wonder if they are serious about life. If this is the case, perhaps you should leave before they forget why you are together in the first place.

8. Inconsistency – Uncertain behavior

Your partner may be too moody to handle. For example, he is charming in the morning, mad in the afternoon, and almost eerie in the evening. Then the entire scene changes the next day. This is a sign of some serious internal issues.

9. Abusiveness – Physically and emotionally tormenting

AbusivenessIf your partner or spouse tortures you emotionally or physically, you should run away and seek help for yourself. Of course, try to find some help for them too. It may help in the next relationship. Most abusive partners never change without professional help. It is always deep-rooted emotional trauma that needs to be let out. You may not want to be the punching bag on the receiving end.

10. Selfishness – Self – absorbed and inconsiderate

This may be an antonym for the word relationship. Once you are with someone, you almost give your interests a break while focusing on your partner’s needs. Albeit not entirely, the idea of being a couple means there has to be a balance between your needs and theirs. If he/she is constantly focusing on what their needs are, you are probably with the wrong mate.

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Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Must Know
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Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers You Must Know
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